1. Still life by Irving Penn - ‘Frozen Food (with String Beans)’ 1977

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  2. classicmodels:

    Hallie Hutchinson By Semih Kanmaz For Elele Turkey September 2014

  3. Charlotta María Hauksdóttir wanted to use photography to show how families are intimately linked to the homes they inhabit.

    In Moments, Charlotta set up her camera in the corner of a family room and combined photos snapped at regular intervals into these lovely composite images.

    View Photo Series Here

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  4. Featured in ‘The Beautiful Game’ by Tom Barnett at the Hannah Barry Gallery

  5. By Evgenij Kozlov at ‘Save Yourself!’, a summer show of small-scale drawings by seven different artists, curated by Shaun McDowell at Hannah Barry Gallery

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  6. wgsn:

    Crowd pleaser @im_manisharora leaves our mouths wide open after a hypnotic and psychedelic show bursting with textures and colour. #PFW #SS15 


  7. "Now, as night sets in, I am almost excited, feel within me a tremendous desire to write; the demon inhabiting the writing urge begins to stir at most inopportune moments."
    — From ‘Letters to Felice’, Franz Kafka (1912-1917; pub. 1967)
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    Balenciaga Spring 2015 Fashion Show.

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  10. 80s-90s-supermodels:

    "La Lingerie Va A La Plage", Elle France, June 1998
    Photographer : Sylvie Lancrenon
    Model : Almudena Fernandez
    Makeup : Miki for Sisley
    Hair : Jean-Paul Eulet 

  11. dustulator:

    Hussein Chalayan S/S 14


  12. "If I am to be a witch, then so be it, I said. And I took to eating black things — huitlacoche, the corn mushroom, coffee, dark chiles, the bruised part of fruit, the darkest, blackest things to make me hard and strong."
    — Sandra Cisneros, from “Eyes of Zapata,” Woman Hollering Creek (via dieworten)

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  13. artruby:

    Jaakko Pern, Timber Line, (2006).

  14. W Korea May 2013

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  15. ELLE korea October 2014

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